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Information for Art Buyers
  • What happens when I purchase an artwork?
    When you purchase an artwork, we send the item via a tracked delivery service, and that it is dispatched within 7 working days of us receiving your payment. Most sellers will do it sooner.

  • What if there is a problem with the artwork ?
    You can contact us with any queries after purchasing a work of art. We hold the funds for 30 days after the receipt of your purchase so that we know you are satisfied. Please contact us within this time if there is anything you need to discuss.

  • If I change my mind can I return a piece?
    If you simply change your mind about buying art, then you can return items as long as they are in undamaged and brand new condition. The item must be received back by the seller within the 30 day period since receipt, and you will be liable for the original postage as well as postage you incurr sending the item back.

  • What about customs and exise duties?
    While customs and excise tax for items bought from a different country may require payment on receipt, the majority of buyers will probably be able to buy something without incurring this. Please check the regulations for your individual country before purchasing if unsure. Items purchased between EU countries are duty free – and that still includes the UK at the moment! The UK also has a special deal with the USA, which means that artwork being sent from the UK to the USA is duty free unless the value is over $800.

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